Celebrating Seven Years Accident Free

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In 7 years, a lot can happen, but at SSP we’re celebrating nothing happening. For more than 7 years (and counting), not a single team member missed work due to injury. We are proud to have gone so long without a single lost time workplace accident, a huge milestone for any company. We work hard to achieve the success we have had and are proud to celebrate this achievement and continue our success knowing that we achieved this by choice, not by chance.

What does the injury-free achievement mean to our customers? SSP believes it demonstrates care for our employees - which translates into taking pride in what we do. We believe that quality and safety go hand in hand, so we take the time to ensure we manufacture quality components the safest way possible.

2019 IW Best Plants Award Winner: A Salute to Excellence


Excellence doesn’t come easy. It’s a challenge to achieve, and it’s an even bigger challenge to maintain.

IndustryWeek know this to be true. Over the years their editors have been in hundreds of North American manufacturing facilities. They have watched and heard and learned about good manufacturing companies that are building workforces of hard-working employees, growing their competitiveness, learning from their mistakes and trying to do things right.

IndustryWeek Announces SSP Best Plants Finalist

IndustryWeek Announces SSP Best Plants Finalist

SSP is recognised for demonstrating traits that IndustryWeek seeks in IW Best Plants: leaders who encourage the best from the workforce; engaged employees who strive to improve every single day through process improvement, technology innovation and supply chain excellence; and, of course, admirable performance metrics that accrue as a result of those efforts.

This distinction is a testament to the hard work, dedication and pursuit of excellence exhibited by each SSP associate. Our team continues to work together to make sure that SSP performs better tomorrow than we did today.

India Infastructure : City Gas Distribution Conference

SSP at the 15th Annual City Gas Distribution Conference February 24-25, 2020 New Delhi, India The mission of this conference is to discuss the trends and developments in the CGD sector in India, and highlight the key opportunities and challenges. The conference will provide a platform to showcase recent innovations in technology and equipment, noteworthy […]

IndustryWeek Best Plants Finalist

The IndustryWeek PlantsSSP has been notified that we are a finalist for the 2019 Industry Week Best Plants Award. To see last year’s finalists, click here. This year’s finalists will be published in early October 2019.

To see some of the Best Plant Winners from previous years, IWWinnersPast

Proportional Relief Valves

Relief valve coverR Series Proportional Relief Valves protect sensitive equipment in a system with set pressure from 10 to 6000 psig (0.69 to 413 bar).

HLN Series 10K Severe Service Needle Valves

HLN Series severe service needle valves are for applications above 10,000 psig (689 bar). Their locked bonnet design is excellent for applications having dynamic pressure and temperature or with high vibration. Their non-rotating stem places pivot above the packing where is cannot be clogged or attacked by system media.

SSP ISO 9001:2015

SSP is one of the first companies in our industry to be certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Needle Gauge Valves and Block & Bleed Valves

SSP has extended its line of LN Series Locked Bonnet Needle valves to include LPG Series Gauge Valves and LNBB Series Block and Bleed Valves. Valves feature the same locked bonnet and jam-proof non-rotating stem tip as LN Series needle valves.

Actuated Ball Valves

SSP introduces pneumatic actuators for TB, EB and FB Series ball valves. 90 and 180° double acting, normally closed and normally open actuators are available for a wide range of temperatures with a variety of solenoids, limit switches and other accessories.

LC Series Lift Check Valves

LC Series Lift Check Valves are designed with metal to metal seals allowing them to be used in applications up to 900°F (482°C).

Tube Fitter’s Bag

Get all of your instrumentation installation tools and accessories in one package. SSP introduces the SSP Tube Fitter’s Tool Bag designed for fabricating tube systems from 1/4 to 1/2 in. The bag includes, benders, cutters, reamer, preswaging tools, gages, depth marking tools, and more.

LP Series Rising Plug Valves and Gauge Valves

LP Series Rising Plug valves are roddable rising stem plug valves suitable for application where viscous or particulate media may need to be removed from the valve during maintenance.

TurnPro Hand Tools Introduction

SSP announces complete TurnPro hand tool line. The TurnPro line supports SSP’s distributor network with equipment to improve tube preparation and tube fitting installation.

Duolok and A-Lok Interchange and Intermix

SSP conducted interchange-intermix tests in our ISO 17025 accredited Technical Center Laborotory, in every case interchanged and intermixed Duolok and A-LOK assemblies passed the tests! Read the full article to find out how you can receive a free report!

SSP Duolok has Lowest Make Up Torque of All Major Competitors

The force required to assemble, or “make-up,” an instrumentation fitting is one of the most important variables that manufacturers attempt to control and minimize. Consistently low make-up torque reduces installer fatigue, facilitates proper assembly, and ultimately contributes to safer, leak-free connections. Read more to receive a free report!

Dave Brown is ASQ Fellow

The American Society for Quality has awarded Fellow status to 15 members. These individuals were elected Fellows by ASQ’s board of directors. Fellows are recognized as having achieved professional distinction and pre-eminence in the technology, theory, education, application or management of quality control. “ASQ Fellows have an exceptional commitment to making our world work better […]