Serving the Oil & Gas Industry

As field requirements for the oil and gas industry grow increasingly demanding, the equipment used must also become more rugged, and more reliable. The safety and reliability of oil and gas equipment are paramount because human safety, product integrity, and environmental responsibility all hinge on the dependability of each component.

One of SSP’s key differentiators is our adherence to safety and installation best practices as well as comprehensive product safety training. We maintain the highest industry standards to help oil and gas producers and midstream companies achieve safer, faster, and lower-waste operations.

SSP Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

Instrumentation valves and fittings are essential to every part of the distribution of oil & gas. SSP’s fittings and our full range of products are used throughout upstream, midstream, and downstream facilities.

They control the flow of gas and fluids, integrate with pressure and temperature monitoring systems, and protect equipment from damage. SSP specializes in numerous stainless steel gas valve types, including:

  • Ball valves
  • Relief valves
  • Check valves
  • Needle valves
  • Plug valves

We also supply reliable tube fittings, quick connects, and filters effective down to 1 micron.

Why High-Quality Products Are Essential for Oil & Gas

Our fittings, valves, and tubing are rigorously tested to exceed industry standards and requirements. While proper installation of oil and gas equipment by the customer is crucial, it all begins with components.

How SSP Supports the Oil & Gas Industry

In addition to supplying high quality fittings and valves, we provide several other core support services for our clients.

Technical Support

With local distribution, we can quickly respond to your needs by delivering products from local inventory stores and providing regular service. Our distribution partners offer on site vendor managed inventory so your personnel can spend less time in the truck and more time on the job. Our trained local distributors and customer service representatives can also provide technical services as needed. With this level of support, your project operations maintain peak efficiency, reduce downtime, and ensure components are installed properly.

Safe Tube Fitting Installation Training

Our extensive training services set us apart. We cater our training to the exact procedures proven to reduce accidents, improve productivity, and minimize environmental impact at well sites and production facilities.

By participating in this hands-on training, students learn how to use the tools, techniques, and products necessary for safe operation in the field. They receive certificates of completion upon passing the program.

High-quality components only work as well as they are installed. Our Regional Managers are qualified to provide installation training, so you can enjoy the reliability of our products and the peace of mind of knowing they are installed safely.

Contact SSP for Oil & Gas Components

For nearly 100 years, SSP has been a trusted name in valve, fitting, and tubing systems. We’ve developed a reputation for guaranteed product performance, safety, and quality, and our involved training resources and support help customers long after the sale.

Browse our line of 100% American-made oil and gas components and our product test reports to validate product performance. To learn more about SSP’s products and capabilities for the oil and gas industry, contact us or find a distributor.