The TurnPro Depth Marking Tool helps the installer to be sure that the tubing is bottomed properly on the shoulder inside of the tube fitting body. Depth Marking Gauges are used to help control installation quality especially in hard to reach or confined space installations where it might be difficult to determine if the tube is completely inserted into the fitting.

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  • Accurate, fast and easy to use
  • Side view for visual confirmation that the tube is fully inserted.


Depth Marking Tool Instructions

  • Insert tubing that has been cleanly cut and deburred into the opening of the Depth Marking Tool until the tubing is bottomed out against the shoulder of the tool.
  • Viewing side port allows visual confirmation that the tubing has been properly inserted.
  • Using a felt tip permanent marker, mark the tubing at the top of the Depth Marking Tool.
  • Remove the tubing from the Depth Marking Tool. Insert it into the tube fitting until it bottoms out against the shoulder of the tube fitting.
  • Rotate the fitting nut until it is finger tight. If the mark on the tubing can be seen above the nut the tubing is not fully in­serted into the fitting.
Part Number Description
Part NumberTP-DMT-4 Description1/4” Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-6 Description3/8” Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-8 Description1/2” Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-12 DescriptionDepth marking tool for 3/4 in
Part NumberTP-DMT-M6 Description6mm Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-M10 Description10mm Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-M12 Description12mm Depth Marking Tool
Part NumberTP-DMT-16 Description1" Depth Marking Tool