The SSP Hydraulic Swaging Tool (TP-HST) swages 3/4 in. through 2 in. tube fitting ferrules onto the tubing prior to assembly with the fitting body. The TP-HST reduces the installation time and effort required to assemble large tube fittings.


  • Fast setup
  • Quick and easy tooling changes to install 3/4 to 2 in. Duolok tube fittings
  • Easy to use with instructions printed on the tool base.
  • Places no initial strain on the nut, fitting body threads, or fitting body.
  • The unique marking feature gives visual indications on nut and tubing that swaging is complete.
  • Installed fittings are 100% gaugeable.
  • Includes support base
  • Rugged plastic, wheeled carrying case with pull handle comes with all components necessary for 3/4 in. through 2 in. fittings.


  • HST with base: 25 lbs.
  • Case: 12H x 32W x 20D
  • Case and TP-HST With All Tooling: 77lbs

Hydraulic Swaging Tool Operating Instructions

Hydraulic Swaging Tool Bleed Instructions