JIC fittings (aka SAE 37° tube fittings, flared fittings, or SAE J514 fittings ) are the most popular hydraulic fluid connector in North America. While JIC fittings are often used for joining tubing in a hydraulic system, they are frequently used on hose as an end adapter for female JIC swivel fittings, which are the most common end connection for hydraulic hose assemblies.

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JIC Fittings Render


  • Working Pressure: Vacuum to 7700 psig (531 bar)
  • Temperature Rating:
    • Stainless: -425 to 1200°F (-253 to 648° C)
    • Brass: -40 to 400°F (-40 to 204° C)
    • Alloy 400: -65 to 800°F (-53 to 426° C)
  • Body Materials: 316/316L SS, Alloy 400, Brass
  • O-ring Materials: FKM and NBR. Others available.
  • Sizes: 1/8 to 2 in. (6mm to 38mm)
  • End Connections: ORFS, NPT, BSP, SAE, Braze Socket Weld, and Butt Weld

How JIC Fittings Work

The JIC fittings consist of three components to make a Tubing assembly: body, nut, and sleeve.

Flare Tube Assembly Render

JIC fittings rely on metal-to-metal contact between the finished surface of the fitting nose and the inside diameter of the flared tubing to make a seal. SSP takes great care in the manufacturing process to produce a flared nose surface that far exceeds published specifications. High quality finishes reduce the likelihood of leakage due to irregularities in the flared tubing.

As the fitting nose and flared tubing are drawn together, they are supported by the fitting sleeve, which distributes the compressing load caused by the nut as it is threaded onto the fitting body during assembly. An installed SAE flared tube fitting system is easy to identify. The sleeve protrudes out the back of the nut. This extension provides the tubing with additional support and lessens the longitudinal load on the fitting nose.

SAE flared tube fittings are available for fractional and metric tubing. Metric assemblies are constructed with standard fractional bodies, and metric nuts and sleeves.

JIC Fittings Applications

Tube deg Flared

In the past, JIC fittings had a corresponding military specification, MIL-F-18866 which has now been superceded by SAE J514, but many ordinance system designs and designers still favor the JIC fitting out of convention and customer preference.

JIC fittings are used heavily in the aerospace industry in the production of commericial airliners and ground equipment. They are also used in the space exploration industry by NASA and private space companies.