Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Service

SSP’s goal is to become a trusted part of your supply chain. We partner with innovative companies to improve supply chain performance. SSP alleviates common stressors associated with supply chain management.

These stressors include receiving poor quality products; late products; overpriced product; lack of local technical service, support, and training; and everything in between.

SSP helps customers with our focus on four critical supply chain attributes to keep operations running smoothly.


Let’s take a quick peek into each area, so you can see how a switch to SSP has the lowest risk associated with change in our industry.

Value Wheel Safety

Safety is on the top of our minds every day; I am sure it is for you too! We know safety starts with us; safety is something we practice as well as preach. We are proud of our immaculate safety record, “Over 8 years without a lost time accident.” We do our best to share our dedication to safety by offering “Safe Tube Fitting Selection & Installation” and “Safe Tube Bending” classes regularly. (Contact your local SSP distributor to learn more)

Just Value Wheel Quality Blur

Quality is a requirement and a place SSP shines. We have a DMPO rate (Defects Per Million Opportunities) that affords complete peace of mind. (We’ll share specifics when we talk.), SSP also boasts ZERO product liability claims in our 95+ years of operation. One way that we ensure our product quality is by continually investing in technology. 80% of our products are made on machines that are less than 4 years old. SSP combines the best manufacturing technology, raw materials, and people to provide controllable, repeatable, and safe products.

Just Value Wheel Delivery Blur

Delivery: there are few things more frustrating than not getting product when expected. You want to order it and forget about it until it arrives on your dock. That is EXACTLY what SSP customers do. We deliver 99.8% on time to promise date. So you can get order confirmation and move on.

Just Value Wheel Service Blur

Service: in addition to SSP’s excellent customer service team, online resources, and our regional experts, SSP’s distribution partners are carefully selected to meet the high standards that people expect from SSP. Our Partners carry inventory of our products, tailored to customers’ local usage as well as a wide range of complimentary products enabling them to become “full service” providers. SSP distribution partners have factory trained experts who fully understand the product range, enabling them to be a true resource to you. With over 400 locations across the globe there is always an SSP distributor close by.



2019 Best Plants Seal WinnerDon’t simply take our word for this world class performance. IndustryWeek magazine announced SSP as the winner of their annual Best Plants Award for 2019. The contest, which looks at all aspects of a manufacturing plant’s operation recognizes plants, located in North America, that are on the leading edge of efforts to increase competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, and create stimulating and rewarding work environments. For more about SSP’s win and the Best Plants Award program, click here

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