Excellence doesn’t come easy. It’s a challenge to achieve, and it’s an even bigger challenge to maintain.

IndustryWeek knows this to be true. Over the years their editors have been in hundreds of North American manufacturing facilities. They have watched and heard and learned about good manufacturing companies that are building workforces of hard-working employees, growing their competitiveness, learning from their mistakes, and trying to do things right.

Manufacturing facilities are doing even more. These manufacturers are delivering truly exceptional performances. They are creating rich, rewarding work environments internally and nurturing partnerships up and down the supply chain. They have embraced technologies that help them grow but never forget that people make a difference. These manufacturing plants know they must be better tomorrow than they are today, and never aim for less. These manufacturers recognize that excellence doesn’t come easy.

These facilities are truly exceptional performers.

IndustryWeek’s annual quest to find and highlight these exceptional performers has concluded. We are pleased and honored to be announced the 2019 IndustryWeek Best Plants Awards winners. They are:

All Metals Fabricating
Allen, Texas

Polamer Precision Inc.
New Britain, Conn.

SSP Fittings Corp.
Twinsburg, Ohio

These exceptional manufacturing facilities represent the 30th class of IndustryWeek Best Plants winners.

“IndustryWeek Best Plants winners represent the pinnacle of manufacturing excellence by combining lean principles, modern technology and teams empowered to make critical process improvements, these plants are able to achieve world-class results,” says Travis Hessman, IndustryWeek editor-in-chief. “This 30th class of winners is no different. Together, they present a new standard in operational excellence, offering a new set of best practices that can help achieve higher quality and greater productivity for the entire manufacturing industry.”

The IndustryWeek Best Plants Awards program started in 1990 to discover, showcase and share exceptional manufacturing performers and performances. It is an annual competition that seeks comprehensive excellence across multiple fronts, from leadership, teamwork, and quality, to safety and plant-floor production. The 2019 winners demonstrate excellence in all of these areas. Moreover, they don’t mistake excellence for perfection. Continuous improvement is built into their very makeup.

IndustryWeek will tell the stories of the 2019 IW Best Plants winners in the March/April print publication and will post the articles of each individual manufacturing plant online beginning the week of March 1.

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