Customers who want choice in their use of different instrumentation fitting brands must determine how to test safely the integrity of a fitting assembly built with different manufacturer’s components.  Using one manufacturer’s tube nut and ferrules (often previously installed on tubing) with another manufacturer’s body is called Interchange, while using a mix of different manufacturers’ components to build a fitting assembly is called Intermix.

SSP conducted interchange-intermix tests in our ISO 17025 accredited Technical Center Laboratory using ¼”, ⅜” and ½”, SSP Duolok® and Parker‐Hannifin A‐LOK® Tube Fittings. The samples were subjected to a series of three tests starting with a pneumatic proof test followed by a hydrostatic proof test, concluding with a destructive hydrostatic burst test. In every case, interchanged and intermixed Duolok and A-LOK assemblies passed the battery of tests thereby meeting or exceeding the established Design Team’s Acceptance Criteria for using Duolok and A-LOK safely in either an interchanged, or intermixed configuration. 

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