Twinsburg, Ohio, USA, October 11, 2013 –– SSP, a world-wide leader in stainless steel and nickel-based alloy fluid system components, assemblies and CNG fueling applications announces the addition of its newest line of EB Series Ball Valves to its growing FloLok® brand line of valves.  The first sizes will be available with end connections from 1/16” to 3/8”, as well as corresponding metric sizes. Larger series valves will be available later this year.  “We are very excited with this announcement because the new EB series valves offer a tremendous opportunity to provide SSP customers with a superior valve from the same SSP distributor supplying them instrument tube fittings and tubing,” commented Reed Stith, Director of Marketing for SSP.

The EB series is a one-piece body-style instrumentation ball valve which is a very popular solution for a wide array of applications.  The one-piece body reduces the number of potential leak points compared to other valves.  The one-piece design is the go-to valve solution in analytical instrumentation and other medium-pressure applications that call for a quarter-turn shutoff.  “Most importantly, the one piece packing eliminates dead space and leak points, while the blowout proof stem maximizes reliability and safety,” noted Mr. Stith.

Some of the major enhancements that will drive reliability and service-ability for the EB series ball valves are their extremely strong forged body and blowout proof stems.  In addition, they contain modified PTFE packing for excellent chemical compatibility and extended life over a wide range of temperatures (-65 to 300° F).  One-piece packing tightly encapsulates the ball.  Furthermore, the EB series ball valves do not rely on system pressure to seal, thus sealing equally well at both high and low pressures.  Finally, remote sensors can be mounted in handles to determine open/close position. For more information, contact SSP at 330-998-7373 or visit us on the web at