SSP offers SilcoTek® high performance coatings that enhance stainless steel and other materials by providing high levels of corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, hydrophobility and wear resistance, with very short lead times.

SilcoNert® is a flexible silicon coating that makes flowpaths inert for better process control, consistent sampling and analytical results. The patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process bonds the coating to stainless steel, alloy, ceramic, and glass, making a high tolerance durable coating even under extreme temperatures and pressures.

SSP offers SilcoNert 2000, which is a required coating when analyzing low levels of active, reactive organo-sulfur, and many more active compounds. To order SilcoNert coated valves or fittings, add "-SILN2" as a designator to the end of your SSP part number.

Download the Silconert 2000 Brochure

Dursan® is a proprietary, patent pending, NSF certified and FDA compliant coating designed to improve the inertness, durability, fouling and corrosion resistance of products ranging from precision instrumentation to severe industrial applications.
SSP offers Dursan coated valves and fittings to help improve the chemical inertness and corrosion resistance of stainless steel while significantly improving surface moisture resistance (hydrophobicity) and wear resistance. To order Dursan coated fittings or valves, add "-SILD" as a designator to the end of your SSP part number.
To learn more about SilcoTek coatings for your application, contact SSP Customer Service or visit the SilcoTek website at