Push-On field attachable hose fittings are one piece fittings manufactured from T316 stainless steel, for use in low-pressure systems. The H802 series also feature a blue plastic hose stop, which is slipped over the barbs to give the installed assembly a clean, fitted appearance. One end of the fitting features barbs or serrations, both have a high surface finish (32 microinches or better) to ensure a clean, smooth-sealing surface. SSP recommends banding the hose or tubing around the middle to top barbs to avoid a blow-off or leak for all fittings except the H802 series, which does not require banding. Field attachable push-on hose fittings cover a broad range of applications. From flexible tubing for pharmaceuticals to suction lines in chemical transfer systems, the appropriate style of fitting is indicated by the hose or tubing selected for the application.


  • Pressure Range: Up to 400 psig
  • Temperature Range: -100 to 450° F
  • Material: 316 SS, Alloy 400, Brass
  • End Connections:  Male NPT, SAE 37° Swivel, and Tube Stub, Hose Barb and Flexibile Tube Barb.