SSP, a manufacturer of 100% American made instrumentation valves, tube fittings and tubing announces the first CNG Plus™ Service Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. CNG Plus™ Service Centers provide local support to contractors.  Construction services include assistance with bid preparation, training, equipment rental and material supply for above ground and underground interconnect piping needed to build a CNG station.

“We had a great inaugural year in 2014, but need to move even faster for contractors building CNG stations.   Tom Sewell at Tulsa Gas Technologies (TGT) was an early supporter of the new materials and methods we introduced, and urged us to find ways of making them available quicker and without the expense of less than truckload (LTL) shipments from Ohio.” states Gregg Lennon, CNG Plus™ Application Engineer for SSP. “Tom and TGT were not only the inspiration, but also a willing partner with SSP.  Tulsa Gas Technologies has 24 years of experience building stations around the world.  Being able to provide CNG Plus tooling, training, and materials is a logical extension for their business.”

Founded in 1991, Tulsa Gas Technologies is the largest manufacturer of CNG dispensers in North America, focusing on top-of-the line equipment and service.

CNG station owners will benefit from lower installation costs, staged tooling and in-stock tubing. “SSP is helping us minimize waste and reduce construction time from days to hours with products such as 5500 PSI ¾” coiled tubing, valves and fittings,” states Tom Sewell, president, Tulsa Gas Technologies. “We’re installing complete CNG systems including the dispenser, compressors and storage vessels and facilitating quicker grand openings.”

In 2014, SSP CNG Plus™ products and services were used on 40 stations, approximately 20% of the stations constructed in the US. With SSP CNG Plus™ Service Centers, regional experts are available to build and install stations safer and faster.  To learn more, visit or contact Gregg Lennon, CNG Plus™ Application Engineer (330) 998-7370. Video describing new program.


Founded in 1926 in Twinsburg, Ohio, SSP Corporation is a third generation, family owned manufacturer of instrumentation valves and fittings for the oil & gas, petrochemical and alternative fuels and OEM markets.. SSP CNG Plus™ is a construction services business that helps contractors build CNG stations faster and safer with new materials and methods.